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Cuvée Rosé 2019

our shooting star

Introducing the perfect blend of creativity and craftsmanship  resulting in a Cuvée you will love.

 6x 750ml
€ 90

The gentle elevation of its hills, an ideal distance from the sea, the perfect morning sun and a cool evening breeze make this terroir and its wines simply unique.”


State of art

An ancient indigenous grape grown on a 40-year-old vine makes up for the top of our current selection.

6x 750ml
€ 96 

A team of national and international wine-experts and enthusiasts came together to combine their knowledge and experience in oenology and discovered the hidden gems of the historical Slovenian Grand Cru region.


Our Signature

Connecting the dots of historical links between France and Collio Brda. One could see this wine as the signature under a letter of appreciation to the grand French tradition.

6x 750ml
€ 96 


Our classic

This Grauburgunder or Pinot Gris rounds up our selection of this year and proves to be an essential of any wine collection.

6x 750ml
€ 84

ZALA 2018

The Versatile

A playful Malvasia wine, light and cheerful.

6x 750ml
€ 84 

“When trying these wines you have to acknowledge that you can’t get this quality when using machines and chemicals.
These wines are honest, pure, clear.” 
Veit Heinichen 

ROSSO 2018

Cabernet Sauvignon

A pure and classic Cabernet Sauvignon that shows that this terroir could indeed also be known for great red-wines

6x 750ml
€ 84 

We want to know the story behind what they are buying –
where it comes from, how it was grown and how it impacts our health and the environment.

And it is not just what is on your plate but also what is in your glass.

A GREAT WAY TO TRY THEM ALL AND FIND YOUR FAVOURITE or the perfect gift for a loved one



6x 750ml
€ 90 

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"A 40-year-old vineyard is dedicated to the Ribolla Gialla cru project in Gonjace (Brda), a particularly suitable parcel that gives the wine an elegant, fine, harmonious character."
Wine Journalist
"What I think about those wines? They are genuine and elegant. They are grown on the historic soil in Brda, Slovenia."
Stefano Cosma
"When trying these wines you have to acknowledge that you can't get this quality when using machines and chemicals. These wines are honest, pure, clear."
Writer & Poet
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