“Making great wines requires an expertise handed down in a long tradition. A great name from a fabulous terroir where we, wine-producers, are taking care of a small part of our planet yet have a duty to show the world that it is possible to sustainably cultivate the land we have been given.”

Our Solution

    • Today we want to know the story behind what they are buying – where it comes from, how it was grown and how it impacts our health and the environment.

      And it is not just what is on your plate but also what is in your glass. 

    • When buying a wine off the shelf in the supermarket the stories, traditions and nuances of a wine are often lost,

      only the label and the price tag is what is left.


    • Our idea of winemaking is a different one and that is why we produce wines sustainably, personal and more approachable than what you would find elsewhere.

      And this is not just a new trend for us but a tradition.

  • We honour your feedback, photos and stories about your experience with the wines because it shows that we are on the right path towards a more personal connections between farmer and consumer. 

  • What makes us unique, aside from our wines and personal approach, is that we do not work with supermarket chains & big wholesalers or anyone else who can stand in the way of the easy flow of wine from our vineyard to your table.

  • We offer our wines exclusively to our clients, our friends and family, and to a few select fine-dining establishments.


A team of national and international wine-experts and enthusiasts came together to combine their knowledge and experience in oenology and discovered the hidden gems of the historical Slovenian Grand Cru region.


French Oenologist (Winemaker) Anthony Colas:  expert for the development of Classic French wines and the “Director of taste”.

barrel maker Mastro Bottaio:
our supplier and special advisor to find the best wood for each wine.

Slovenian Wine Historian Stefano Cosma: 
Guiding us in our search for the untold stories and roots of  winemaking in our region.


"A 40-year-old vineyard is dedicated to the Ribolla Gialla cru project in Gonjace (Brda), a particularly suitable parcel that gives the wine an elegant, fine, harmonious character."
Wine Journalist
"What I think about those wines? They are genuine and elegant. They are grown on the historic soil in Brda, Slovenia."
Stefano Cosma
"When trying these wines you have to acknowledge that you can't get this quality when using machines and chemicals. These wines are honest, pure, clear."
Writer & Poet


“These wines are made with ancient techniques whose process requires a lot more attention than modern bulk production.

It takes a lot of experience and knowledge to cultivate, maintain and produce wine in this region with its characteristic micro-climate. 

The gentle elevation of its hills, an ideal distance from the sea, the perfect morning sun and a cool evening breeze make the MARINIC terroir and their wines simply unique.”

Region & Climate


This was a perfect year, rare who happen only every ten years. 
A sufficient amount of water, sun and wind (Bora) which contributes to the quality of the vintage
Winter 2017-18 was moderately cold with temperatures below freezing in the morning but quickly turning positive in the afternoon. These cool temperatures are accompanied by constant ventilation due to the breath of the Bora coming from the north.

March is also a bit cool and nature can hardly wake up. The weather warms abruptly in the first days of April. In three weeks the entire Brda and Vipava vineyard is adorned with a light green veil. Like pupae, the buds in their cotton transform: green tip, out of the leaves and first leaves spread. The development is so rapid that we are waiting for cooling to slow down the vine a little. The good news is that the rains are abundant in May and especially in June. 

At the beginning of June, the flower passes quickly in dry conditions very favourable for the development of the clusters. The water tables are at the highest and thanks to the heat the grapes develop in exceptionally favourable conditions.

It is already very hot at the end of June and the temperatures between June 26 and the end of August will very often be well above seasonal norms with maximum temperatures exceeding 30 ° almost daily, interrupted only by a good rain on August 14 coming to cool the soils and gorge berries.


A vintage is only successful if it has been worked with care and attention into the vine.
Fortunately, some vintages, not evident in the vineyard and bringing all the know-how of the winemaker, are revealed once in the cellar like vintages full of promise. The 2019 vintage is one of them.

After a particularly short winter, February and March are almost springtime, dry, with even a record heat for the season on February 27th. The vines record nature’s message, wake up early and start growing. The season resumes its rights from April 5 with a first morning frost followed by four other frost episodes which will last until May 7.

The summer of 2019
is one of the hottest known to date with two heat waves: one in late June and the other in late July. We will exceed 40 ° C in some places and signs of roasting appear in the vine.

Characteristics & Identity


Apart from these antic sort of grapes the region developed in its own way of cultivating famous grapes such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Cabernet Sauvignon in the last 150-200 years. 

In the 18th century the French king was amazed by the region of Brda, bough land there and started cultivating French grapes. The daughter of Napoleon which cultivated typical French sorts like Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris followed this idea and made these original French grapes familiar with winegrowers throughout the region of Brda. The French grapes adapted to the microclimate of Brda easily because they found the same habitat of the famous French terroir making the new grapes a staple crop and typical plant for more than 150+ years.


 We are focused on acting as a plant museum for original type of grapes famous for the region such as Ribolla Gialla and Malvasia with a history believed to be more than 2500 years. 

Harvest & Production


From modelling the terraces, to planting, curating and harvesting the plants – then making the wine in our cave, bottling the wines, labelling and packaging the bottles.

With this central approach we can make sure we have the full control over the whole production to keep the high purity and quality of our wines. Our expertise in wine-making and cultivating reaches back for many decades and we are always improving our methods while innovating our antic techniques characteristic for this region.

Soil & Elevation


We are gifted by having the treasure of the oldest terroirs which we conserve against erosion as we understand this is an important part of our collective farming heritage.

The special exposition to the sun, combined with the elevation of the hills and the distance to the sea bringing a cool breeze is unique in this region making it distinctly more suitable for great wines compared to other regions like Frioli in the neighbouring country Italy.

Crafted by experts

Oenolog Expertes

These wine are made with antic techniques which make the winemaking process a lot more difficult than other modern productions. It needs a lot of experience and knowledge to cultivate, maintain and produce wine in this region with its characteristic micro-climate.

Winemaking tradition

There are many testimonials given in history about this region, not only in the neighboring countries like Italy but whole over Europe. The region was known for its characteristics in cultivating fruits and especially wine serving high quality produce to cities like Vienna, Prague, Budapest, being discovered by wine-drinkers in London and Paris in later years.

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